For the love of sssnakes

Tags: For the love of sssnakes
  • Learn about lots of different species of snake.
  • Handle and touch these friendly animals!
  • Have pictures taken with snakes up to 5ft!
I am an owner of 14 snakes and find them to be amazing creatures!
My aim is to share my passion for snakes and educate people to hopefully reduce the fear aspect.
I have a variety of species, all of which are friendly and handleable.

I currently own:

  • 2 boa constrictors

  • 7 royal pythons

  • 2 king snakes

  • 2 corn snakes

  • 1 Brazilian rainbow boa

I am great with children as I am a teaching assistant and therefore, I'm fully DBS checked.
I tend to chat to people about where the snakes are from and how they have adapted to their environment.i encourage people to at least touch them but I will not put my snakes at risk if someone is very fearful!

Snakes have proven to be amazing entertainers!

Contact: Jade lloyd
Sidcup, Kent

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