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  • Hand crafted • Fine Fragrances• Made in Kent
  • Eco Soy wax handpoured handmade
  • Unique designs
Welcome to Buoy and Gull!

In our store we carry a selection of uniquely designed, and affordable Candle styles and collections to purchase.

The Candles are suitable for every day, special occasions, gifts, suited to any room, with the ability to enhance your mood and fragrance your space.

Inspired by Coast, Country, Design, Vintage, Urban and Lifestyle. Every Candle is Hand poured individually with 12% fragrance so from first opening, to light, cooling, or at the last minutes of the wax burn, the fragrance will continue to create scent accent.

Browse our designs and fragrance combinations, and choose the style that suits you.

The Fragrances and Wax is the same quality as some of the top designer names available.

We make our Candles in Kent. 200g (Made in England) Candle Tins or 27cl Glass, and sometimes Vintage Upcycled Containers.

Every candle is entirely made of Eco Soya Wax and Cotton Linen blend wick plus fragrance.

Designs may be interchangeable or personalised, please email us to ask. This makes our selections almost unlimited!

Floral, Fruity, Citrus or Spicy our Candles will Fragrance your World!

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