Tunbridge Wells Christmas Artisan Craft and Gift Market 2022

Details of Tunbridge Wells Christmas Artisan Craft and Gift Market 2022.

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Venue: One Warwick Park Hotel, 1 Warwick Park, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN2 5TA
Event Type: Artisan Craft and Gift market
Opening times: 10.00am - 3.30pm
Admission: Free
Organiser: Eventissima Events
Name: Nick Day
Telephone: 07582351364
Email: eventissima@outlook.com
20 November 2022
One Warwick Park Hotel. A stylish boutique hotel in Tunbridge Wells. The Function Room is absolutely beautiful and perfectly located in the centre of Tunbridge Wells between the historic Pantiles District and the High Street, all attracting shoppers. The customer entrance is conveniently situated. The hotel is a perfect fit for the talented Eventissima artisan stallholders and the demographic of the local customers.
There will be free tea/coffee for traders and there is free Sunday parking nearby. The hotel will feature the events on their website and social media (TN2 5TA).
A 6ft stall is £55.00 for the day. The hours of opening are 10am-3.30pm and includes 2 x free tea/coffee for stallholders. Free entry for the public and shoppers.
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One Warwick Park Hotel